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By Peggy Weber

It can be easy to get discourage about a lot of things in the church. There are headlines filled with more scandals. There are disagreements among different factions and groups in the church. And there are many who look around at Mass and see smaller congregations and fewer young people.

However, there are so many wonderful things in the church that should be seen as signs of hope and joy and vitality. Just a quick look at the Diocesan Calendar that is available on shows a Catholic Youth and Family Day at Six Flags, a Marian Celebration in Greenfield, lots of Bible study programs, parish picnics, community trips, and many more events.

And every summer there is one more event that is held in many parishes across the diocese that should bring awe, praise and celebration. The Vacation Bible Camps that are put together really are labors of love that plant seeds of faith. I am always astonished at the great art work, planning and organization that go into these events. They need the help of many wonderful volunteers of many ages and abilities. So if your parish hosted one of these impressive efforts then say thank you. If not, you might consider the undertaking because it offers fun and faith to many of the young people the church is trying to reach.

Finally, offer a prayer of thanks for all who are trying, in so many different ways, to keep our beloved faith going.