By Jessie Arabik

As a kid, I would look at images of the Holy Family and wonder about St. Joseph.  Why did he always wear a chestnut brown coat, when he had that famous colorful cloak, the one that caused all the jealousy among his brothers?  Eventually I realized that was another Joseph, from another time in history.  A classic case of mistaken identity.  It’s an error which is more common than we might realize, especially these days.

How do we identify ourselves?  More importantly, how does God identify us?  Perhaps the answer to the second question can give us a clue as to what our answer to the first question should be.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church states it clearly:  we “have become children of God, partakers of the divine nature.”  If we have internalized that truth fully, and seek it live it out, then there are a lot of behaviors that suddenly are out of the question, eliminated as out of sync with that identity.


Making decisions becomes easier when viewed through this lens.  Remember the popular bracelets that read, “What would Jesus do?”  They were effective because when we are searching for the right answer to a question, it can help to consider what Jesus would do in our place.   And considering what He would do confirms what we, who would wish to be like Him, should do.

When you walk through a mall or drive on our city streets or watch the news, sometimes you can wonder if the people in the world today realize they are children of God and part of the divine nature.  We don’t always act or speak or treat others like we believe it.  How do we bring back an awareness that how we act demonstrates who we are?

Somehow, as a culture, we must find ways to instill in our people the feeling that they are important and have a contribution to make which cannot be filled by any other person in the world.  We also must find a way to show our young people especially that they have a dignity that is God-given, that other people can try to diminish, but can never take away.

So, the next time you are handed a pen and a sticker that reads, “Hello, my name is…” maybe fill it in, “Child of God”.  It is absolutely accurate and says a lot more about you than anything else could.  Then let’s try to live up to that name.  A classic case of an accurate identity.

Photos courtesy of Catholic News Service