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By Father Paul Mooradd

Fear of God
Matthew 17: 1-9

Why do Peter, James and John,
Fall down very much afraid,
When God spoke from far and yon,
OF this pleasure displayed

Moments before they felt good
Happy to be in this place.
Now bowing low as they should
Daring not to see God’s face.

Unable to behold Him.
Creatures o Infinity.
Their lives only shadow’s dim.
Consumed in God’s love.

Reassured of being by Jesus’ gently touch.
They rise in simplicity, Enough, though not very much.



The Living Give Life

A candle cannot sine in the face of the sun.
So how much less are we in the presence of God?
This is the race no man can win, but all must run.
That futile becomes our self-sacrificing prod.

All man claims against infinity mean nothing.
For we are dust and unto dust we shall return.
Only through self-sacrifice we to others bring.
Life. This its true purpose, each in the world must learn.

God breathed, that man in Him might become alive.
Now our true life, his self-sacrificing Spirit.
Shows we are always with God, and from him derive.
Life as love.Which is untrue, if we won’t give it.

We live only as we give what we received.
Indeed, having by forfeit must be believed.


Father Paul is a Maronite rite priest who serves in the Diocese of Springfield. Read more about him on