By Jessie Arabik

“Try to meditate on the love of God manifested in creation,” a wise priest once told me.  I thanked him for the advice but thought to myself that the topic would be exhausted in about three hours.  Well, that was 16 years ago.  But I always reflect more on this during summer and the growing season, especially when I drive by the corn fields each morning and mark the passing of time by how high the corn stalks are.

Creation is the ultimate “refresh” button.  Every morning, we get a chance to be a better person than we were before – more patient, more kind.  It can be difficult to give others a second chance and almost impossible to give ourselves a second chance.  But God forgives us and allows us to start over, so we should try to do the same.

Creation is tenacious hope.  My grandmother had a rose bush that looked awful – more brown than green, no blossoms.  I tried to get her permission to remove it, but no way was she giving up on that plant.  It didn’t produce one flower for an entire year; she still believed.  Walking by the flowerbed on the day she died, a single red rose bud caught my eye.  Coincidence, maybe, but it reminded me to never give up hope, even on that very sad day.


Creation is infinite.  Every season, every day, every minute has a new beginning unfolding.  And it’s happening all over the world, in every country, in every town.  When I think of the problems in our world, I think of the babies being born today and pray that they will have the solutions that we haven’t thought of yet.  People who will have lifelong friendships are introducing themselves today.  The story of the world unfolds one moment at a time.

Creation is evidential.  It’s proof of God’s love.  Why else would He have created things that only have a use for us?  He doesn’t need the tides of the ocean or the beauty of freshly fallen snow.  Maybe lots of the things around us are the ways in which He is showing us how much He loves us.  Are we paying attention?

Photos courtesy of Catholic News Service