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By Greg & Donna Cambio
We have good friends that we’ll call Ted and Alice. They have been our friends for 40 years. Ted’s dad passed away recently. When we went to visit, our conversation turned to our long friendship. We recalled the times Ted and Alice supported us through our son’s illness and how we were with them when their oldest child became ill. We recalled the times we were there for each other when each of our parents passed away. And we recalled many fun times over the years too!
As we drove home from our visit, it dawned on us that we had been “journeying” with Ted and Alice all these 40 years! We have learned so much from their faith in action, as a couple. They help us grow and be the best couple we can be just by their love for us.
The more we thought about it, we realized that our lives are all about journeying with others. From the time we are born we journey to adulthood with our families, friends, schoolmates and others. So many people along the way have taught us, healed us, loved us. Some of the journeys have been difficult or painful. Each journey has an influence on the persons we are today, as well as the persons we will become.

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God gave us the Church – Mass as public worship – to journey with others in our faith. Not only that, He promised to be there Himself whenever two or more are gathered in His name.
Whenever we share our thoughts and listen to each other; whenever we work with others toward a common goal; whenever we even just sit nearby in a hospital room — we are journeying with others. Each encounter is another step in the journey.
Questions to continue the Conversation:
Who has enriched our lives as a couple/priest? How do I feel about that?
Our journey with ______has been difficult for me. How do I feel sharing this with you?
Our journey with ______brings me joy. Why?
I shy away from journeying with _____. How do I feel about my answer?
I would like to journey with _____. How do I feel sharing this with you?
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