Pope Francis uses incense during Easter Mass at Vatican

In my last blog, I mentioned how I had attended the Elms College symposium The Footsteps of Francis earlier in April. During the symposium, Fr. Mark Stelzer mentioned one line that has stayed with me ever since: “Are we answering questions that no one is asking?” He posed this question as a way of looking at the relevancy of our teaching, ministry, and outreach. Aside from my work managing the Annual Catholic Appeal, I also volunteer as a catechist, so this question really changes how I look at CCD/RCIA, because it flips the traditional religious education model to one that is student-centric and question-driven. And if you look at the teaching style of our Pope, you can see why people respond to him: he’s answering the questions people are asking, and going out and meeting them where they are at that moment – physically and spiritually.

Pope Francis kisses a foot of a disabled person Our Lady of Providence Center in Rome

Consider one of his comments from last year: “At this time of crisis we cannot be concerned solely with ourselves, withdrawing into loneliness, discouragement and a sense of powerlessness in the face of problems. Please do not withdraw into yourselves! This is a danger: we shut ourselves up in the parish, with our friends, within the movement, with the like-minded… but do you know what happens? When the Church becomes closed, she becomes an ailing Church, she falls ill! That is a danger. . . .A Church closed in on herself is the same, a sick Church.” Last week, my blog focused on the work that Saint Francis and Pope Francis have done to repair God’s house; we have seen that this repair work includes reaching out to our brothers and sisters of different denominations and faiths. Have you seen this cell phone video that Francis made this past January?

And now he recently spent Holy Thursday at the Don Gnocchi Center for elderly and disabled people, washing the feet of 12 people, including a woman and a Muslim. What a beautiful image for all of us to remember from Holy Week: that at the Lord’s Supper, all are invited; and that we are called to serve with love.
I’d like to invite you to come to an upcoming event to learn more about how you can become more involved as a volunteer in our local agencies and parishes. On June 11th, we’re having a Volunteer Fair at the Bishop Marshall Center at St. Michael’s Cathedral from 5-7 p.m. We will have on hand representatives from several of our ACA supported agencies with information about their programs as well as opportunities for folks to find out how and where they can volunteer. Light refreshments will be served. If you’re interested in learning more about this event, please email me at s.dibbern@diospringfield.org or call me at (413) 452.0670.