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Classical High Picture

In 1952 a gallon of gas was just 20 cents. A loaf of bread was 16 cents and a postage stamp was only three cents. Of course, the average income was only $3515 so these prices are relative.

However, a group of people who can remember all of those prices assembled at the Fort Restaurant in Springfield a while back for their 60th reunion.

The Class of 1952 from Classical High School in Springfield met to reminisce about their high school days.

Pauline Fitzgerald of St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Springfield sent along the information.

Classmates came from Florida, Georgia, Baltimore, Md. and Cape Cod. The event was arranged by Ann Tyminski from Baltimore and the photo was taken by Fred Krug the same photographer who took the 50th Class Reunion photo.

Those attending were: Fran Smith Levine, Ruth Cohen Broverman, Alan Broverman, Rose Zucco Davis, Shirley Cote Colapietro, Judith Catron McRae, Ann Lattinville Tyminski, Carl Mendola, Barbara Maier Krampitz, Phyllis Kazin, Bart Kazin and Robert Picknelly.