By Peggy Weber

It was 18 years ago when I had the privilege of being with my father as he died from the effects of skin cancer at age 73.  At the time, I am not sure I understood what a gift he was giving to me.

Life was hectic for me, my brother and my sister and our families. Still, we each took our turn spending the night with him in our childhood home as he got ready to go home to God.

Me, my daughter, Kerry, and my parents.

My Dad did not complain. Rather, he faced the end of his life with great courage and faith. It was truly a beautiful thing to experience.

Hospice was a great help. He was not in pain and we all felt like we had a wonderful companion on our journey.

Our world today seems to want immediate solutions and no mess. Just take a pill for the pain — or 100 in the case of the Physician Assisted Suicide Bill.

My father left me with the legacy of how to have “the grace of a happy death.”

I felt the same way, in 2005 when I watched Pope John Paul II deal with his illness and death.

I encourage all who go to the polls this Tuesday to vote no on Question 2. We would be giving a gift to our families. I am grateful for what my father taught me and I pray that if I am in such a situation some day that I will have the faith and courage to die with true dignity like my Dad.