By Joe Dziok

Currently, I am working in the field shop at the olympics preparing to begin work on building the cameras for the olympics.  It is incredible how much work goes into putting this event together.  It is an incredible experience to work with NBC Olympic engineers.  These people are literally putting together every piece of equipment for the airing of the Olympic games on their own.  They have vast knowledge of electronics and audio/visual integration, as well as networking.  I am so blessed to be a part of this experience.  Combining my current education (Music Production Technology) with this internship experience (learning more of the video aspect) I hope to enter a career in communications and live television.  My goal one day is to work in Catholic communications.

During my free time this past Sunday, I met up with my friend Andy, who was an exchange student in my class last semester, from London.  He took me to some of the great tourist sites of London, including the House of Parliament, West Minster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace.  But my most favorite place we went to was Westminster Cathedral (the Catholic cathedral of England) where many British saints are buried.

P.S. my favorite part about the tour was when we went to the Cathedral and my friend Andy (who is not Catholic) realized my desire to go and pray at some of the altars in the Westminster Cathedral.  He was actually very moved by the time I spent in prayer and joined me.  Later on, I found out that he is Anglican but he has family members who are Catholic.  It was nice to see him join me in praying at the Cathedral.

Editor’s note: Joe wanted to be sure the readers understood that this was not Westminster Abbey, rather he went to the Catholic cathedral in London!