Kevin Ambrose

                                                            Rest in Peace

 When tears are not enough –

Transparent falling tears

that flood our very breath.

They wash but cannot

Clean away the pain.

Sorrow, senseless in its cause,

Overwhelms the heart

holding steady to the beat,

That steady beat of sadness.

Silence speaks today.

Silence speaks through tears,

Through pain, through sorrow,

Through our beating hearts.

Kevin’s life must live on in us,

unceasing in honor,

selfless in serving,

Still giving in dying.

This stillness so loud in its speaking.

This message profound in its prayer.

Our resolve begs for strength

To bring sense to our sorrow –

That his dying may prove

a reason for being

more true in believing

that one man’s dying can change

the way of our living.

 Editor’s note: This poem was written by Mary E. Franz of St. Michael Parish in East Longmeadow. She penned it on June 8, 2012 after watching the funeral of Springfield police officer Kevin Ambrose. Officer Ambrose was killed while protecting the life of a woman and child who called the police regarding a domestic violence complaint.