These pro life poems were written and submitted by Henry K. Zephir

A Message from the Little One


Please do not say, that I am not,

As I nestle infintesimally small in my mother’s womb.

For to do so would deny that an amoeba does not exist,

Or that a spec of dust in an eye just cannot be.

But certainly we know that these incredibles are,

As both can be seen when microscopically viewed.

So for anyone to deny that as small as I am,

That already I, can never be, is certainly an error.

For if I am not, then you too must not be,

As I am following life’s process, and today you are.

So as you read or pnder this, you must certainly admit,

That it is undeniably true, that since I am exactly as you once were,

That surely I AM.


Dear Mommie,

As I nestle in the warmtha nd darkness of your womb, I am not afraid.

For whild I abide here without swaddling clothes, a blanket, or light, I am warm and secure knowing that always you protect me.

Constantly I am comforted by the lullaby of your beating heart and the nourishment form your person.

While you may not realize it, I already know you so ver well.

I expereince the sweet fragrance of your body and the gentleness of your touch as you caress my tener carriage.

I am comforted by your voice as you talk and sing to me and sense your supernatural love that gives me strength to undergo my continuous growth.

While I feel safe and secure in your loving body, I know that onde day I  will finsih my hjourney here and will see you face to face.

Then your tender arms will cuddle me and I will see the sunshine of your smile and feel the gentleness of your person.

I know it will be difficult for you and me to wait for that wonderful day but we both know that our God is watching over and protecting us during this time.

Until my birthing comes, I will enjoy my peaceful slumber here in your womb assured that you will love and protect me always and therefore I am not afraid.

Love you Mommie.

Your little one.