Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish in Westfield held a Public Rosary Rally on October 13 as part of a national movement.

  Last year there were 5,000 groups praying together and this year there were 7,515 groups, which
included 22 countries, all praying the Rosary. 

  The day coincided with Fatima’s anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun. This commemorates the appearance of the Blessed Mother to three children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

The group promoting the rosary rallies is  America Needs Fatima which can be found on
Facebook or on the internet at www.americaneedsfatima.org.

The site notes:”As the world situation becomes increasingly threatening, the idea of holding a Rosary in a public place has become more popular. As human efforts fail to solve our growing economic, social, moral and spiritual troubles, more people are turning the supernatural solutions: The Fatima message of prayer and penance, and the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Mary Lou Bonfitto of Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament Parish, shared these

 photos. She said about 52 people came to the rally. “I thought that the 52 people in attendance was hopeful.  While protesters
occupy Wall Street, people throughout Western Mass. people came together to pray for America and conversion.”

She said young and old came to the event. “One person said that she felt compelled to come and had never prayed a Rosary,” according to Mary Lou.

“I hope a “mustard seed” was implanted that may lead them to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart,” she said.