Many people head out to the Berkshires during the summer months. However, a lively and talented group of musicians headed south and east from St. Joseph Central High School in Pittsfield to participate in the taping of two Masses for “Chalice of Salvation.”

Don Coudert, on the far left.

Under the direction of Don Coudert, the group played spiritual songs with a good beat and livened things up in the Holy Spirit Chapel at St. Michael’s Cathedral. Coudert has taught at St. Joe’s for 41 years and coordinates the music group and teaches math and computer technology.

A strong vocal ensemble worked beautifully with the musicians to make for some great worship music.

The group was so dedicated that they took their final exams early in order to come to Springfield. And two students, who had already graduated, put on their uniforms one more time to perform.

The group had to bring a lot of equipment and worked hard to set everything up. However, they still had time to take a tour of St. Michael’s Cathedral and walk to the Springfield Quadrangle to see the Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden.

Mark Dupont, director of Catholic Communications, treated the students to some good pizza from Red Rose.

Tune into the “Chalice of Salvation” Masses on July 24 and July 31 to watch the St. Joe’s group. Father Chris Malatesta, pastor of St. Agnes in Dalton and director of Camp Holy Cross, will be the celebrant on the 24th.

On July 31, the Mass will be celebrated in memory of Marion Flynn with Father Geoffrey Deeker presiding.