By Joanne Powers

Lead Teacher

Yellow ribbons were everywhere as our preschoolers welcomed home a very special visitor, U.S. Army Specialist Andrew Menard, straight from Afghanistan!  Our children have been corresponding with him while he was deployed sending cards, pictures and supplies to him and his fellow troops. 

Specialist Menard is home for a few weeks to visit with family before he is deployed once again to Afghanistan.  It was a very moving morning as the children saw in person the young man whose picture sits on the prayer tables of each classroom next to the image of St. Michael, our Academy’s patron saint.  The children saluted him as he joined them in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. 

Spc. Menard, a native of Agawam, left the school with a warm goodbye as well as an SMA sweat shirt and Saint Michael medal.  “We were thrilled to have the opportunity to show our hero how much we appreciate his service,” said Joanne Powers, Lead Teacher at the preschool.  The children will continue to pray for the protection and safe return of Andrew and his fellow troops.  May God bless you, Specialist Andrew Menard, and may St. Michael defend you in battle!

Andrew is the husband of Brigette Menard, one of our wonderful staff members here at St. Michael’s Academy Preschool Discovery Campus.