The Bishop Maguire Pastoral Center -- with new white walls!

On Jan. 12, 2011, the Diocese of Springfield was hit with a good, old-fashioned New England blizzard. After the plowing and shoveling and sanding, there remained a lot of snow and a lot of beauty.

We thought we would share some snapshots of St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Chancery and Bishop’s Residence and the Bishop Maguire Pastoral Center.

Feel free to e-mail your photos to so you can share what your parish or home looks like after the storm.

The Chancery Office blanketed in snow

St. Michael's Cathedral sparkles in the snow

A new mountain emerges in the cathedral parish parking lot

The Holy Spirit Chapel is ready for the taping of the Chalice of Salvation tonight!

The Bishop's Residence looks like a lovely New England postcard.

God bless these beautiful winter days.