“Led by the Spirit” (Matthew 4:1)

By Father James W. Longe

Parochial Vicar, St. Mary Parish in Westfield

Bethlehem House

On July 1, Bethlehem House officially resumed their dynamic and full-time ministry for parents and children at a new location within Easthampton. Although the agency’s director and volunteers didn’t initially intend to move, moving was thrust upon them. Now all are pleased.

previous location

Although safe and comfortable, the previous location was recently sold by its owner. Knowing that the Lord has graciously blessed them with constant growth during the last decade, through prayer, Bethlehem House discerned this as a possible sign from Heaven for them to move into a new neighborhood with larger quarters for additional progress in His merciful love.

Bessing by Father Longe

Consequently, with paint still drying on the walls and a basement needing further attention, I recently led a group of faithful volunteers (representing various Catholic parishes thorughout the Diocese of Springfield) in a solemn blessing of God’s new enterprise.

Praying for the new home

We sang, prayed, waved incense and bathed the house in Holy Water.  We traveled from room to room, floor to floor, consecrating every inch of the structure to the Father’s glory, through Mary’s Immaculate Heart, with the Holy Spirit, for the spread and acceptance of Jesus’ eternal Gospel of Life.

Blessing the kitchen

All sang with joy, prayed with fervor, and no one went home disappointed. In fact, after the house blessing, we were filled with more hope and gratitude for the Lord than before. Alleluia!!

Blessing the yard

Even the grass and bushes had an opportunity to soak in the moment and drink deeply of God’s sanctifying love!

A welcoming place

Bethlehem House is open and receptive for  new and returning clients. They are bi-lingual (Spanish and English) and have a non-judgmental and open door policy for all struggling parents. Their new address is Bethlehem House/Pregnancy Care Center, 152 Northampton Street, Easthampton, Mass. 01027 Phone 413: 527-2861.

Smiling Volunteers

Please share the good new far and wide, for God’s glory in Heaven and our sanctification here on earth,  Amen!!!