You are a priest forever

The diocese mourns but many have fond memories of Msgr. Leo Leclerc.

The following testimonial is by  Fr. Christopher J. Waitekus, Pastor of St. Ann Parish in Lenox

I  was truly blessed to work and live with Msgr. Leo for six happy years at St. Rose de Lima Parish. Each day was a joy and he taught me so much about being a parish priest. He modeled for me what a true priest was.

I believe with all my heart that he was a saint on earth…walking among us, crying with us, supporting us, laughing with us and while being a holy priest was also a humble man.

Msgr. Leo at St. Elizabeth Parish in Ludlow

A few days before he left the hospital, I was visiting him and I had to step out of the room so a nurse could perform a procedure on him. As I left and the nurse entered, I overheard the nurse say…”You’re a Monsignor?…would you like me to call you Monsigor or Father?” His response was, “Please… just call me Leo.”
Dear Leo, Holy Priest of God, Rest in peace.