By Ralph J. Ferraro

Director of the Italian American Press

Lent is a time when we turn to God to pray for wisdom, guidance, strength and sometimes a healing for ourselves or others. Below are some of my observations on prayer which readers may find helpful.

When we pray, we must trust in the answers we receive, whether or not they are the answers we expected or desired. We should relax before praying, quiet the mind and body by breathing deeply and making a passive effort to release any tension we may feel. Favorite prayers or mantras can help us to achieve a peaceful and receptive state of mind.

When praying, we should realize that a calm, confident, and trusting attitude can influence the effectiveness of our prayers. If we feel an unknown obstacle is preventing our prayers from being answered, we should ask God what must be done to correct the situation. If our prayers have not the sufficient spiritual strength to accomplish their purposes, we can request from the Holy Spirit the knowledge whom to seek for aid in our petition.

 Visualizing the desired outcome of your prayer, picturing it clearly and vividly, utilizing all the senses whenever possible. See the outcome occurring in the present, not in the future. Confident that God has answered your prayers, we give thanks for this blessing.

Only after much discipline can we learn how to pray effectively. Even to say we practice prayer, however, is a misnomer, for according to Scripture and tradition God alone teaches us to pray. When we call on the Lord in prayer, it is really the Lord beckoning us. As Christ taught his disciples, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.” Calling on God demands a special grace, one which not only draws us nearer to Him but also brings Him closer to us.

The Quest: Maximizing Health and Wellness Through Spiritual Healing is a small but powerful book providing a crystal-clear guide to the limitless scope of prayer and the full potential of God’s healing energy as manifested through the Spirit. A primer for those interested in healing, The Quest examines the research and findings relevant to spiritual healing as well as advocating an agenda of prayer, visualization, and meditation for those who wish to experience health and wellness.

The Quest encourages one to develop, support, and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit by awakening and experiencing God’s loving energy, a healing power fully capable of transforming illness and disease into health and wellness. Written in a lucid style and arranged in an easy-to-follow format, this instructive self-help text consists of the following chapters:

     · Tools for the Quest
     · Visualization
     · The Cleansing Process
     · Prayer
     · Spiritual Healing
     · Wellness and Other Spiritual Gifts

The Quest is available to individuals free of charge in order to familiarize the public with the benefits of spiritual healing as well as to promote a greater awareness of the vital role that religion/spirituality plays in  achieving health and wellness. Readers can simply download or read from their computers this free informative text written by Italian American author and educator Raphael (Ralph) Ferraro. Read Introduction to The Quest. Click here for free ebook .

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