By  Joanne Powers

Lead teacher at the Saint Michael’s Academy Preschool Discovery Campus

Pre school is FUN!!!

 When the children were asked why they like to come to Saint Michael’s Academy Preschool Discovery Campus they gave us many interesting and amusing answers.

Here is a sampling of some of their sweet insights…

Samantha Burnette from Mrs. Taylor’s Young Explorers classroom responded “I like coming to school because I learn about Jesus”. 

It's all about friendship and having a little fun with the Olympic spirit at St. Michael's

Nate LeClaire said  “I like to learn about my letters and numbers.” 

Learning comes in many ways at St. Michael's

A student in Mrs. Chaput’s Busy Bee’s, Aidan Colon, replied “I likes to build with my friends.” 

Building blocks are a blast

Mrs. Zajdel’s Young Explorer Colon Elliott said ‘I like to dig in the sand box.”

And who doesn't like digging in sand?

Here at the Saint Michael’s Preschool Discovery campus, we believe that play is the primary vehicle for learning and that through play , academic success is achieved. 

Play Time at St. Michael's

Our program is a faith based program where children are encouraged to investigate through stimulating  hands-on experiences that promote competence, self-confidence and self -direction while developing a positive attitude about learning. 

Hands-on Learning is colorful and fun

A place where discovery leads to learning.

Dancing and moving leads to discovery

Stringing beads and smiling

Let's get creative

Young minds at work!

Fun at school...

Enjoy the photos of our happy children!

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