The seminarians from the Diocese of Springfield work hard and study even harder each day at St. John’s Seminary in Brighton. However, they also can cook. And they can appreciate the diversity of the group of men there who are preparing for the priesthood.

Italian Food

For a third year in a row, the seminarians, along with other “priests in preparation” at St. John’s celebrated Mardi Gras with an international feast.

An array of flags at the feast

It's not just about food

Seminarian Kevin Vermette reported that there is an educational component to the night.  Kwang Lee, a seminarian from the Archdiocese of  Boston was the Master of Ceremonies for the night. Two videos of the Columbian Seminarians former diocese of Columbia were shown. They are now studying for Worcester. They also saw a video from the Vietnamese seminarians.

Good food and fellowship

Nicholas Diorio from the diocese of Providence,  R.I. and Springfield’s seminarian Sal Circosta snapped photos of the fun event.

Sal Circosta stands proudly by the Italian food table

The Irish food, especially the bread, was a big hit.


The Springfield seminarians have many ethnic roots.Vermette reported that he is French, so he can be seen in photos with  the Canadian flag.  Mike Wood is proud to be Irish.  Tomasz Parzynski stood tall with the Polish flag.  Matthew Alcombright, Yerick Mendez and Josh Velez have  Puerto Rican roots.  Robert Miskell is a convert and decided to stand near the papl flag because he said he really takes pride in being Catholic. And Salvatore Circosta and Matthew Guidi love to share Italian food and their pride in their heritage.

Flags of nations plus smiling seminarians equals a great group

Au Canada

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Italian contingent

Anyone who is interested in learning more about St. John’s Seminary or the priesthood should log onto  It could lead to good food, good friends and a really good life.