Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Springfield are one of the many agencies who benefit from the Annual Catholic Appeal.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

They are grateful for the support and share their appreciation. Here are the smiling faces of some of those students. Enjoy reading what they say about  why they like attending a Catholic school!

From Cathedral High School in Springfield….

James Kelliher

“Catholic schools cultivate a passion to serve others.”

James Kelliher, class of 2010

Caroline Heafey

“Catholic schools instill a sense of identity within each student.”

Caroline Heafey class of 2010


From St. Stanislaus School in Chicopee:

They wrote “Why Catholic Schools Are Important!”

Jordan Guthrie

I love St. Stanislaus because we go to church every week.  I love St. Stanislaus School because it is holy.

–          Jordan Guthrie, Grade 3

Amanda Shlaferman

A Catholic school is a family-environment, and a safe and fun place.  Not only do we have high standards, we also learn about God.  Along with this we learn how to treat other people in a nice, respectful way.  These teachings guide us closer to God and help us to be better people.

–          Amanda Shlaferman, Grade 5

Michelle Tran

I am very happy to be in such a perfect Catholic school!  There are many special events such as Math-a-thon, a turtle tour, field trips, Catholic Schools Week, lollipop sale, book fair, and many others.  So if I were you looking for a school, I would pick St. Stanislaus School.

–          Michelle Tran, Grade 4

Amber Lempke

I like my school because we get to do a lot of activities and people get to know other people.  Everyone is always involved.  I love all the Specials because you are able to work on projects and do fun things.  My favorite is when we have Catholic Schools Week.  We also have Religion class, and that is when we learn about Jesus and what He did for us.  That is what I like about my school.

–          Amber Lempke, Grade 5

Jordan Cao

It is fun here.  They have good food to eat.  The teachers are wonderful.  They have fun games to play.  They have fun art to do.

–          Jordan Cao, Grade 2

Melinda Hurteau

I think Catholic education is important because children learn about the Good News of God, and learn about the miracles performed by Jesus.  I think it is important that we wear uniforms so that no one feels left out.  We have many fun activities at our school, such as choir, newspaper, and we run fundraisers to help our school.  St. Stanislaus School is very supportive and helpful to students.

–          Melinda Hurteau, Grade 6

Lexis Dotson

I like St. Stanislaus School because we have a very good education.  We take extra classes like Art, Spanish, and Music.  During the school year, we have many fun fundraisers that help the less fortunate and our school.  Our school is a no bully school, so we have very few people that get bullied.  No one is left out and all the students are very kind.  I am very lucky to go to a school like St. Stanislaus because it is a wonderful school.

–          Lexis Dotson, Grade 6

Julia Niemiec

Catholic Schools Week was awesome.  I loved all of the dances on Thursday.

–          Julia Niemiec, Grade 3

And Students from St. Agnes School in Dalton just want to show how much fun they have at their school. Here are some scenes from “Catholic Schools Week.”